Repair and Restoration

Sometimes rugs can sustain permanent damage either due to permanent discoloration, water damage, tears in the body, and regular wear and tear. These types of problems cannot be fixed solely by cleaning. In some cases the rug will need to be repaired or restored. This includes Re-Fringing, Leather Binding Support, Re-Weaving, and Double-Hand knotting. When our technicians visit your home, they will help you identify the correct course of action to address your particular need.

            Water Damage
Reweaving Process
Complete Restoration


Re-Fringing is done when the fringes of the rug have deteriorated partly or completely. In this case, some or all of the original fringing is removed and replaced by newly knotted thread.


Leather Binding Support

Leather Binding is the process of binding a leather strip under the free edges of the rug in order to provide additional support. This addtional support keeps the edges of the rug from curling inwards and re-enforces the sides to provide protection against wear and tear.



Re-Weaving is done in order to reconstruct torn and deteriorated areas of a rug. In this process, the damaged area of the rug is cut out entirely, new foundation is placed in its place, and the missing area is completely rewoven from scratch.


Double-Hand Knotting (Blocking)

Over time, the actual knotting of the rug may loosen and start to unravel from the fringed area. Double-Hand Knotting pushes back the loose knots into place, and blocks them from moving from their original spot.

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