Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

Accumulation of dust and pet deposits
can shorten the life of your rug by
deteriorating its foundation over time.
It is recommended to have your rugs
cleaned once every two years in order
to remove dust particles accumulated
during this time.
Pet stains and water damage should be
removed at once in order to minimize
discoloration, deterioration, and odor.
Remember, not all damage can be seen
immediately. Some discolorations can take
months to develop. So, don’t leave it to
chance; Tackle such problems immediately!


Cleaning Methods This is what happens once rugs reach our cleaning facility:

1) First we separate them depending on
their type, fiber, and dye.Then we remove
as much dust and dry particles from them
using The Dusting Machine.
there are 100+ leather straps that rotate to
slap the back of the carpets in order to knock
out the loose dirt before the rug is cleaned.
2) Depending on the type, fiber
and dye that is used, rugs will
machine washed or hand washed.
Hand Wash
Machine Wash
3) Rugs are rinsed by sprayed water
onto the front and backs of the rugs.
4) An automated wringer gently squeezes the
major portion of the water from the rug.
Wringer takes almost 80% of the water out.
5) Drying room is where The rugs are gently attached to the
drying poles, and mechanically hoisted into the room.The
room is equipped with a humid-i-stat that measures, not
only the temperature, but the relative humidity in the room.
There are 10 other fans that circulate air in the room to ensure
that the fluff drying leaves the pile of the carpets in a natural
state as the rug dries.
Drying room
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