An area rug can be one of the most valuable and profitable investments you can make in your lifetime. Depending on the type (machine made or hand made), the origin (Persian, Indian, Oriental, etc.), fiber (silk, wool, etc.), and the number of knots, the value of an area rug can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. A truly fine rug, not only does not depreciate in value, but also appreciates the same way a piece of antique does, provided it is cared for properly throughout the years.

Caring for your area rug includes regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as taking immediate action when something threatens to damage the rug permanently. Today, there are a variety of services available to ensure your precious investment remains safe and damage free. Re-weaving, re-fringing, re-dying, and applying Stainguard are just a few of these services.


GTA Rug Cleaning provides high quality Area Rug and Carpet services such as Rug Cleaning, Hand Washing, Repairs, Restoration, Reweaving, Stain Removal, Moth Proofing, Deodorizing, Refringing, etc to the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in handling fine Silk and Wool rugs of Persian or Oriental origin. Our services are available to the Greater Toronto Area, specifically in Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, and Markham. Although our main service area is the GTA, We frequently get calls for the surrounding areas such as Oakville, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catherines on the west, Pickering and Oshawa on the east, and Barrie on the North.

When we first receive a call, we make an appointment to visit your home or place of business at a mutually agreed time in order to see your area rug or carpet close up. This gives our technicians better ability to identify the characteristics of your rug or carpet such as size, origin, fiber, type, and extent of damage if applicable. Based on these characteristics and the type of work you require, they can then provide you with an estimate of the work to be done. You can discuss any questions, concerns, or sprecial requests with the technician at the time of this visit. Once you have confirmed the service(s) and the cost, the technician will then Pick up your rug or carpet at no additional charge to you and process your service order. Service calls can take anywhere between 7 to 10 days at which time the technician will deliver the rug or carpet to your location, again free of charge. Go ahead and explore this site to learn more about these and other services available to you.

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